The Group, through O’Connor’s, has built its reputation over the years as a leading systems integrator, offering security and surveillance, communication and technology, as well as healthcare and medical solutions to various end-industries including Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Defense and Transport, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Financial sectors.

O’Connor’s has an established presence in Asia, with operations in Singapore and Malaysia. It undertakes projects through partners in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and other parts of Asia.


In Singapore, O’Connor’s Singapore provides its solutions across three segments, namely:

Security & Sensors

O’Connor’s Singapore is involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of security & sensors solutions, and offers a wide range of innovation video analytic solutions through strategic technology partners including deep learning technology. Seamlessly integrated those to Enterprise IT and network infrastructure to be a robust resilience system, the solutions provide continuous operation and swift investigation platforms using a highly reliable transmission and recording system.

Satellite & Communications

O’Connor’s Singapore has been enabling businesses and organisations to connect to data highways. Its mission is to keep earth stations and information gateways open for massive volume of data traffic to stream through 24/7 and on demand. It accomplishes this through innovative solutions in Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure, security, video, wireless application and IP Telephony.

Medical & Security

O’Connor’s Singapore empowers healthcare professionals with the latest technologies monitoring tools, diagnostics intelligence, medical consumables and intuitive software. For added quality assurance, it is licensed under the GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) standards and Medical Devices Regulatory Guidance.

The security product distribution business focuses on technology in metal detection, x-ray, radiation, explosives and narcotics detection sensors, offering the complete coverage of the security market.

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O’Connor’s Malaysia is a leading system integrator in providing mission critical solutions. Its broad portfolio of innovative products and services is organised into five operating segments.


O’Connor’s Malaysia is involved in the design, integration and commissioning of narrow and broadband wireless networks ranging from PTP to PTMP wireless networks, private & public mobile radio networks, as well as digital microwave & troposcatter radio systems and marine & aviation navigational aids systems.

Communication & Information Technology

In the enterprise telephony segment, O’Connor’s Malaysia provides business collaboration tools such as Contact Centre, Interactive Voice Response, call logger & dialer, work force management software, web chat application, unified communication system, IP telephony and Local Area Network. In the hospitality segment, it provides leading edge applications in property management system, point of sales systems, key lock systems, wireless LAN, IPTel, IPTV and various hospitality phone sets.

Security & Surveillance

O’Connor’s Malaysia is involved in providing comprehensive security and surveillance solutions, including facial recognition software, analytic CCTV surveillance cameras, card access systems, perimeter intrusion detection systems, time management systems, vehicle management systems and guard tour systems.

Audio / Visual

O’Connor’s Malaysia offers custom-configured solutions for audio and visual systems, including pro-sound systems, lighting systems, projection systems and control systems.

Test & Measurement

The solutions offered include Ethernet network test lab, telecommunication test & measuring instruments, electrical & power test & measuring instruments, as well as time & frequency synchronization systems, meteorological and environment test & measuring instruments.

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