The Group’s distribution business covers a wide spectrum of businesses from the supply of architectural ceiling and partition systems, fire protection systems, concrete wall and cladding panel systems for the construction industry to the supply of laundry and boiler equipment for the hospitality industry, as well as workshop equipment and spare parts for the automotive industry. It also has a sand mining business in Australia.


Welmate commenced operations in 1989 and has established itself as a reliable and efficient distributor of high quality building products. With a track record of numerous prestigious and sizeable projects over the years, Welmate is well recognised in the construction industry as a leading supplier of quality products in the fields of:

  • Architectural ceiling & partition systems: Rockfon
  • Proactive fire protection systems: Promatect H, Promatect S, Promatect 100, Promatect 200, Promina 60, Promina HD, Promaseal and Promastop
  • Concrete wall systems: Acotec, Acofix, Ytong and Tianyu
  • Cladding panel systems: Equitone, Glasal and ASLOC-ECP
  • Access floor systems: Unitile and Network Floor

Polytek Engineering

Polytek Engineering has been operating in Singapore since 1983 and holds the exclusive agency rights for many products which are world-class leaders in their respective fields. It engages in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of laundry equipment, steam boilers, hot water systems, and washroom accessories. The brand names of the products offered include:

  • Laundry equipment: Milnor, Lapauw, E-Tech, Wilgengroep, Multimatic and Chicago
  • Boiler equipment, steam and hot water systems: Cleaver Brooks, Cannon Bono, Certuss and Aerco
  • Washroom accessories: Bobrick and Koala Baby Changing Station

Far East Motors

Established in 1936, Far East Motors supplies type approved equipment, OEM spare parts for the automotive industry and fuel dispensing pumps for petrol stations. It also provides expert advice on facility planning and equipping of motor workshops, as well as services and repairs of workshop equipment.

Far East Motors has more than 50 years of experience in the automotive industry in Singapore and the ASEAN region. It has supported several local authorised dealers such as Honda, Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo, as well as military workshops.


Pacific Silica Pty Ltd

The Group’s sand mining operations are held in a company called Pacific Silica Pty Ltd, incorporated in Australia in 1997.

Located at Ningi approximately 40km north of Brisbane, Pacific Silica Pty Ltd is a wholesale supplier of high quality processed silica sands, serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. Owning a total land area of approximately 2,500 acres, Pacific Silica Pty Ltd has built a reputation of providing high quality silica sand, soil products and timely service, as well as providing a truly independent supply source of wholesale washed and classified sands to the relevant industry customers over the years.

The main products offered consist of washed classified sands, dried processed sands, bio-retention filter media and screened soils sold to metal casting foundries, concrete and asphalt batching plants, civil construction industry, local and international supply of golf course construction and horticultural industry.

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